“Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self: How the Human Species Might Fulfill its Potential”

The Summit Series has brought together approximately 180 leading and interdisciplinary scholars, educators, and practitioners from around the world to confront urgent global issues. In the fall of 2015, Summit leadership presented these projects as part of a book proposal

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Media Package

The film project is directed by Arnd Wächter, Founder and Managing Director of Crossing Borders Education (crossingborders.education/films/) in partnership with the non-profit International Beliefs and Values Institute (www.ibavi.org). The Summit Media Package will consist of a variety of short films that

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Web-based Curricula and Materials

Alongside the Summit Media Package, the “fourth leg of the stool” consists of online resources that complement and further explain film concepts, including educator manuals, awareness exercises, curricular strategies, models of learning, growth, and change, assessment methods, and other educational

Who We Are

Change Agents (Individuals, Groups, Organizations, Movements); Experts in Research and Assessment; Scholars, Educators, and Practitioners of the Self; and “Big Sky” Thinkers and Leaders Overview of the Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self Summit Series: A printable flyer

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What We Do

Collaborate: We support local and global teams who engage in cutting-edge education, leadership, policy, practice, and research. Communicate: We publish and present what we discover and do through multiple forums, such as a forthcoming book on the Summit Series with

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