Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers about the Summit Series and this website

Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self Initiative

Q: What is the Summit Series?
A: The Summit Series is currently explained to the general public using this flyer and these two websites: IBAVI, and Summitx.org.

Summitx.org site

Q: What is the purpose of the http://summitx.org site?
A: The site is an extension of our annual meeting. Our vision for this virtual extension of the “Summit Series: Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self” initiative is to foster ongoing, collaborative activities while also sharing information, media and curricular materials with the public, in support of the sustainable self.
Q: Should I register for this site?
A: If you are an active member of the Summit Series you should register for this site. By registering you will be able to login; and when logged-in you will be able to access features and pages otherwise unavailable.
Q: How do I register for this site?
A: To register, just click “Register” on the Collaboration menu then complete the brief form. Be sure to add all details – some fields are optional. If the request is approved, you will be added to the website, likely within 48 hours. Registration is a one-time process. Once registered you may visit the website and login in, anytime.
Q: How do I login to this site?
A: Once you have registered for the site (a one-time process), and your account has been activated by the site administrator (also a one-time process), just click “Login” on the Collaboration menu, and enter the username and password you created during the Registration process.
Q: How do I join a group?
A: The site owner will add registered users (who are active members of the Summit Series) to Committee groups. These are hidden, otherwise. Active members may see and request to join private Interest Groups on their own by visiting “Groups” on the Collaboration menu. Click the “join group” button nearest the Group name. Group Administrator(s) and Group Moderators may invite other registered users to join your Group.
Q: How do I comment and collaborate in my group(s)?
A: Once in your Group, click “Activity” then type in the comment box; use the “@” symbol to tag another group member and get their attention. You may also click the “Simple Docs” link to read, edit or create a new collaborative document. Group members may be alerted to activity by email. The site Administrator is able to see all site activity. You may also access the many vendor links available on the Group homepage; information from these links is not part of this website and usage and support are the responsibility of you and the vendor.
Q: What sized photo is best to use for a cover photo for me, or for my Group? How about a profile photo?
A: To edit your profile photo go to that option on the personalized menu in the top, right, after login. A photo that is larger than 1300 pixels wide by 225 pixels tall, with a similar aspect ratio, will look best as the cover photo. The smaller profile photo should be 150 pixels square or larger with a similar, square aspect ratio. After uploading, click “crop image” then reload to see your change.
Q: How do I request a friendship?
A: To request a friendship: login to the site, click “Members” on the Collaboration menu, and then click the “request friendship” button nearest the person’s name.
Q: How do I send a message(s)?
A: While logged into the site, go to your personal menu in the top, right part of the screen. Go to “Message”, then “Compose”. If you know the username of another Member, you may compose a message to them. To find a member’s username, choose “Members” from the Collaboration menu. Click the member’s name to see the “@” symbol and username. Send your message to that name.
Q: How do I find other useful tools for online collaboration?
A: Although the summitx.org website has built-in features for messaging one another individually and as whole groups, for accessing databases of members and groups, for requesting friendships, for collaborative writing and more, there are many other ways to get things done! A number of useful tools are accessible on Group homepages, and on the Collaboration/Tools page on the main menu of this site. The Tools page includes links to instructions for how to get started, and targeted links for quick use and support