Media Package

The film project is directed by Arnd Wächter, Founder and Managing Director of Crossing Borders Education ( in partnership with the non-profit International Beliefs and Values Institute (

The Summit Media Package will consist of a variety of short films that are designed to create public awareness of and intrigue in the five Summit themes. While the Summit book will be written primarily for scholars, educators, practitioners, and students, the Media Package will include perspectives and activities that are designed to facilitate and demonstrate learning, growth, development, and engagement across the Summit themes while also inspiring young viewers to dig for more information in the book and other Summit resources.

The next step is a video project that features youth-driven and youth-captured film content from at least six different countries across six different continents…The Media Package and collection of curricular resources, distributed online to educators in college as well as K-12 settings, will provide the means to reach beyond academia to expose the outcomes and insights of the Summit Series to a wide, young audience who are catalysts for change and the betterment of society.